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Izzy & Riley

Hiii i’m Izzy…

“When I started this company, my dream was to create a community for college students where they can support and empower each other… and ultimately create for one another. This brand is a safe place for everyone entering this new chapter of their life, college. If our team is able to make even one student feel confident and connected on their campus, then we have reached our goal.”


Isabelle McGrew

Izzy & Riley Daily Bruins

About Us

It all started in 2018 with two UCLA students hand making trendy fits in their dorm the night before game-day. Their unique designs created a buzz on campus and spread quickly on social media. The requests for custom game-day merch poured in and that’s when Izzy & Riley was born.

Today the brand is the one stop shop for college students – tailgates, date parties, and sorority bid days – Izzy & Riley got you covered.

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